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Pacific Ecologist

Pacific Ecologist 10 – Summer 2005

editorial: The new frontier - pioneering sustainability
energy crisis
Global Energy - how much remains? - PETER NORTH
Renewable energy can't save our consumer society - TED TRAINER
food security
Feeding the world under climate change - EDWARD GOLDSMITH
The Solomons' Treasure Island of banana biodiversity - MICHEL FANTON and BELINDA MEARES
What will we do when petrol runs out? - JIM KEBBELL
Permaculture, organics & food security: an Australian Perspective - CAROLINE SMITH
water crisis
Water crisis - agricultural & environmental concerns - DAVID PIMENTAL
Privatisation, pollution & profit - VANDANA SHIVA
Water supply & Sanitation - the modern disgrace! - JOHN LA ROCHE
Water health flows from guardianship in the Hokianga - PAM PARSONS
pathways to sustainable societies
Measuring real progress: Genuine Progress Indicators - JOHN SHAW
Thoughts on the transition to a sustainable society - TED TRAINER
GAVIOTAS - a sustainable model for the world
book summaries
Healthy crops - a new agricultural revolution by Francis Chaboussou
Fatal Harvest Reader - The Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture edited by Andrew Kimbrell
Permaculture: principles & pathways beyond sustainability by David Holmgren
The Seed Savers' Handbook by Michel & Jude Fanton; illustrated by Alfredo Bonanno
Gaviotas - A Village to Reinvent the World by Alan Weisman
Water Wars, Privatization, Pollution, and Profit by Vandana Shiva
Collapse: How societies choose to fail or succeed by Jared Diamond