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Pacific Ecologist

Pacific Ecologist 2 - Winter 2002

Editorial: Recovering the sense of the sacred earth

Religion at the Millennium by EDWARD GOLDSMITH

Book Review: "The Way - an ecological world-view"

Ecology, gender and the sacred by KATE RIGBY and CONSTANT J. MEWS

Ngura Walytja - the Earth of our belonging

Traditional resource management in Te Wâi Pounamu by JIM WILLIAMS

Living in a sacred world by JOHN PATTERSON

Buddhist perspectives on the environmental crisis by PADMASIRI DE SILVA

The Environmental challenge to classical Christianity by LLOYD GEERING

Nature and the Pakeha: finding a way in Oceania by DENYS TRUSSELL

Nature and the environment by JIDDU KRISHNAMURTI

Uncovering Spirituality - an organic approach by PETER HEALY

Making Peace with the earth by SCOTT EASTHAM

Educating the senses by SUPRABHA SESHAN