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Pacific Ecologist

Pacific Ecologist 6 - Spring 2003



        Open transgenic experimentation IS bioterrorism - KAY WEIR

        Defective genes - shifting the blame - EDWARD GOLDSMITH

Pacific News Highlights

The Case For A Ge-Free World

        Hazards of GM crops & food - RONNIE CUMMINS

        Beware Monsanto's Soybeans Safety Assessment Flawed

        Allergenic Papaya Scandal - JOE CUMMINS

        GE agriculture will not solve world hunger - ActionAid Report

        Some Threats from GM - ROBERT MANN

        Death by DNA Shuffling - MAE WAN HO

Pacific & Genetic Engineering

Australia at Risk - BOB PHELPS

        NZ govt gives in to U.S. biotech pressure - CHRIS WHEELER

        Horizontal Gene Transfer in the New Zealand environment - STEPHANIE WATSON


        Human genes in other organisms: broken tree of life - PETER WILLS

        Anyone for Gene Therapy in your salad? - JOE CUMMINS

World News Highlights

New Eugenic Dangers

        Genism, racism & the prospect of genetic genocide - GEORGE J. ANNAS

        Will New Zealand be the Liberia of human modification? - DENYS TRUSSELL

GE And Third World

        GE Crops Fail in India - VANDANA SHIVA & AFSAR JAFRI

        Africa, Agriculture & GE Food Aid - TEWOLDE EGZIABHER

Organic Agriculture

        Sustainable Agriculture, best way to feed the world - LIM LI CHING

        Can Agriculture & Biodiversity Coexist? - CATHERINE BADGLEY

Book Reviews

        The Myths We Live By - by MARY MIDGLEY

        Seeds of Deception - By JEFFREY M. SMITH

        Gene Wars: The Politics of Biotechnology - By KRISTIN DAWKINS

        Tomorrow's Biodiversity - By VANDANA SHIVA

        Biotech Time-Bomb by SCOTT EASTHAM

        War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to
        Create a Master Race - by EDWIN BLACK.

        Living with the Fluid Genome - by MAE-WAN HO

        From The Ground Up - Rethinking Industrial Agriculture

        Made Not Born: The Troubling World of Biotechnology - Edited by CASEY WALKER